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. you can print real u.s. postage for all yo letters and packages. it gives you the exact amount of postage you need the instant you need it. can you print only stamps? no. first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mailmapicks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4-week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to stamps.com/tv and never go to the post office again. >> all right. today is back to workday in washington. president obama has his first big meeting on the fiscal cliff since his reelection. and who is he meeting with? union leaders and far left activists. we're scrolling their names on the side of the screen, but you can see richard trumka is there along with the heads of every major union, richard trumka who said this after the president's victory last week. >> it's strongly believed that we should make sure the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes. they believe we should protect medicare and medicaid and social security benefits from cuts. and voters reject the idea that bringing down t
are nowhere near the greece situation yet. what do you say? >> the u.s. is leading the parade and greece happens to be the most vulnerable country in this process. greece is following the example of the u.s. over the last six seven or eight years and so with spain and other countries and the u.s. is a central nation of the world economy. we are leaders and if we don't show fiscal discipline, if we don't show how to run things properly how can we expect greece to do it? stuart: what is the end game? >> the end game is the u.s.. [talking over each other] stuart: what happens? we certainly have a crisis where nobody lends as the money, print of the storm. what is the actual -- how does it work out? >> in the u.s. the end game changes in 2014, changes in the state and local governments going on. we have a huge battle among the states and i think we get to a pro growth agenda as we have not seen in a long time. we would get a ronald reagan in 2016 and the u.s. is going to take off and the rest of the world will accommodate an come back in line. if you look at england, if you look at what is g
to get. the web site welcome to the u.s. a.gov advertises benefit programs to new immigrants. medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers and the best of all, mad money, $1,000 a month check for a couple called supplemental security income. so is this the best way to say hello to immigrants? gerri: not great for us because it is our taxpayer money. you wonder why there are more people on food stamps than ever before, this is the reason why. when the government get behind a program like this they sat down with the mexican government to figure out how to do it better. it is astonishing to me this is acceptable. stuart: dave: it used the opportunity, not handouts people came here for. housing vouchers, food stamps and this $1,000 a month mad money. what more do you need? liz: all three of us say immigrants want to come here to work. they have built america. people from all parts of this hemisphere and around the world but missing in the media really dealing with and giving out money and welfare programs, 1 fell in dollars of 83 overlapping programs. i don't think we need to be advertising and
. stupid rule and potentially cost them the gain. houston won 34-31 in overtime. almost half of u.s. kids age 6 greece are asking their parents for and ipad for the holidays according to a survey of kids ages 6-12. does the 6-year-old kid need an idea and? are we spoiling our children? joining us is radio host miriam wallach. even if you had the money you probably wouldn't give each one of the men arrived at. >> no. the highlight of the game was the best. they didn't cover that in the post. talking about these ipads. spoiled children from spoiled adults. there's the power of know when it come that the gift giving. dave: you don't hear no a lot in manhattan. it is an island to itself. oh honey, okay, honey, we will do it. >> i agree with jimenez parents and u.s. a father and me as a mother we need to think as marathon and not as print. dave: i a latin america white from nicaragua and she does not take flak at all. this will not be -- no. >> i have a jewish husband. we are in a similar boat. dave: what about the many ipads. was that a direct assault on parents from apple saying here you go,
in the face to the u.s. and israel and two of only 9 companies to vote against the new palestinian resolution. 138 countries voted in favor of giving palestinian the upgraded status and what happens now? the question, are we going to give them money for this upgraded status? let's ask john boulton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. he joins us on the phone. it's very simple, ambassador, are we going to be paying for palestinian? >> well, i think it's going to come in very short order, this vote won't do it, but, you know, this is part of the effort by the palestinian authority over the years to pretend that it's actually a state, and to justify more assistance, i think it will try and use u.n. channels more effectively to get money and may well join other u.n. specialized agencies now that the general assembly said it's the state. ab you know, israel and the state department have tried to play down yesterday's vote, but i'm afraid unlike a lot of u.n. votes which truly are completely meaningless, this one is going to have a real effect. >> ultimately i've got about 20 seconds left
morning. iran fires on a u.s. droen. what are they trying to do there? we'll ask colonel ralph peters about that. >>> voters in two states give thumb's up to marijuana for recreational use. don't need it for medicine. just get out there and get high. looks like a winner for the weed. we'll talk to a leader from the pro-post movement. be careful what you wish for, you might get it. california voters gave them a liberal supermajority in the state legislature the more taxes, more spending. here it comes. one of our resident californians will try to defend his hopeless state. e-mail us please. we're looking for it. varney at foxbusiness.com. send them in please. want to know what you think. friday morning, time for seven early movers. priceline buying rival kayak for $1.8 billion. kayak way up on that one. we've got groupon sees less money coming in. they call it revenue. we call it money coming in. dropped below three bucks a share. that is huge hit. the car rental company, zipcar expects to return to profits. the market kind of likes that. it is up 19%. scripps health care solution may
to follow, but with respect to the u.s., it cannot interfere with the internal operations of the government. stuart: could the united nations not say all right, the dues from all member countries will go up because we need to refunnel that money for climate change. >> yes, they could do that. the united states has not only paid its dues, it's paid many times its dues, because they have been unable to collect money from other countries. a statement from the 60s, the u.s. should be out of the u.n. and the u.n. should be out of the u.s. it's done us no good whatsoever. even with it here, yes, they could raise their dues. and yes we would probably pay it. and yes they could redistribute that money however they wanted. stuart: you need to keep it short. charles: are you concerned about somehow circumventing the constitution? that this administration would go in with the u.n. and we would essentially be following their guidelines. >> i don't think there's any limit to the wishes of this administration to circumvent the constitution. stuart: you kept it very short. >> shocking as that is. stuart:
is in a tough spot. so, i think just looking at the conditions in the u.s. and saying it's because of u.s. policy is a little misleading. stuart: okay, what about this 14.6% real unemployment rate. because that's an indication of how it feels out there on the ground. >> yes. stuart: how it feels, it's a political thing, i understand that and it's not pure economics, i do understand that, but that's the reality on the ground. >> no, i'm not disputing that. look, i'm not disputing that the real job market conditions are different than just what the standard unemployment number is. stuart: hold on a second. and. >> wait, wait, wait. here is what i said. we didn't get our money's worth-- we didn't get our money's worth. you go an extra 5 1/2 trillion into debt and i expect better than 7.9 unemployment rate and 14.6 real. >> stuart, the 14.6 unemployment rate, you keep failing to mention is is down even more than the regular unemployment rate is down. it was well over 14% before the president ever even got there. so, you cannot compare two different theories and say, look, it's already 14%% st
hostess, save the twinkie, save wonder bread. u.s. leader richard trumka blames the downfall on bain style wall street vultures. here is such. and unintended consequences, and here is former bain capital, new mitt romney well. and let's put this away for a second. you know the private equity business, would it make sense for private equity to jump in and buy the brand, twinkie, wonder bread. >> probably not, but at some price, sure. the problem with all of these companies, the amount of profitability you can get over and above the union wages makes the company worse less than the replacement value of the assets. it's difficult to-- >> you wouldn't walk in and buy the brand? if you did, you'd want to get rid of all the employees, and unions and contracts everything else. >> we'd have to have the assets to build the product. stuart: to bake it and distribute. >> if you had one and underutilized, but build one at reemployment costs you'd have to get a lot of profit out of twinkies to make it work. i suspect that it doesn't cover replacement costs and that's why the company continues to declin
in the u.s. and it's the fifth straight year that the winner was 24 or younger, how about that. five days until the election, a dead heat in the polls, but are all of the polls telling the real story, we're talking about that today. plus, a maker of generators, seeing a boom after sandy, and the stock is up big and checking it when the opening bell rings in a few minutes. first, a look at the human toll that sandy has taken on the devastated jersey shore. >> don't deserve this. and-- everything gone, i've never in ten years had water in my house. stuart: ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $349 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> it's a news background today as we wait for the market to open. a 20 point gain of the dow on the opening bell. stuart: the number of the morning, 363,000. new claims for jobless berths, that number not affected at all by the storm. 363,000, a very high
in particular, is a relatively new category of product in the last ten years and only 2 1/2% of u.s. households have a fully automatic stationary generator that runs off natural gas or propane. stuart: so your potential market is huge. and for investors and people are interested in this, i tell me i've got a few short questions, how many of your generators are now on order? >> well, the order rate has picked up dramatically as you can imagine since the events. stuart: how many? >> due to the fact that we see-- >> i don't have exact numbers as a public company we've got to be careful giving forward guidance, but definitely in the thousands and something that we see around events like this the next 6 to 12 months are going to be strong in demand. stuart: can you make them fast enough and up your production line? >> we're increasing capacity with supply chain as well as our manufacturing capacity here in wisconsin where the units are made. and we'll be in very good shape to take care of that demand going into 2013. stuart: are you going to outsource any of the production, can i see a generac gener
, in the third quarter, the u.s. economy expanded at an annual rate of 2.7%. and that's better than the original 2% even that was reported a couple of weeks ago and last week, there were 393,000 new claims for jobless benefits and down from the previous week, but you're still very close to the 400,000 per week mark and that's a sign of weakness, albeit, come of that clearly from the storm, that's still not a healthy vigorous rebound, is it? trading has begun this thursday morning. we're expecting the dow to go up 50, 60 points and that's in part because of the fiscal cliff debate and looks like the president won taxes now, promises of entitlement reform later and don't care about the debt. the market kind of likes that, because the money keeps flowing. in the first part of business, we're flat, i thought more than that, we're up 2, 10 points and going up from here, at least in the early going. now, we've got another big name that you know #, trying to help shareholders avoid higher taxes next year, it's disney and increased the cash dividend by 25% and paying it this year. nicole, what happens t
. and united nations climate conference, the u.s. is told it's not doing enough to stop temperatures from chiming. china and india, and other major polluters want us to pay more. we're calling this a global money grab. they want us, they want more money from us. and here with the nrdc action fund. why are we the targets of-- why are we the villains here? >> well, stuart, i think that we're looking out for american interests here and this climate change is a threat to americans and we see that threat across the summer. the worst drought that i know. >> i've got the talking points, but this is the united nations, this is the united nations china is saying, you americans, you're the villains here and india saying the same thing. and china's the world's largest polluter. why are we the villains here? why is it the united nations is the vehicle to screw money out of us? >> well, i think that we need to take a global approach. it's a global problem and you make a good point. china is part of the problem, and india, japan, europe we're all part of the problem and take a global approach. stuart:
significant drop in the u.s. economy. stuart: that's interesting. >> that's the way i sort of see it. stuart: that's interesting. i've not heard that before. you think it's pretty strong spending this holiday weekend because people are spending the money that they've got now because you think they'll have less of it next year, is that it? >> that's true, yes, exactly. i mean, incomes equal expense, sure, that has to happen and people are trying to shift their incomes out of 2013 into 2012 to avoid the high tax rates they're going to have to pay and that has to bring the spending with it, and that's what you're seeing with the numbers, i believe. what happened in 2010 and 2011 and also reverse what happened in 1981, 82, versus 83 and 84 when we had major changes in the tax rates in the u.s. >> all right. what do you make-- i said earlier there has been movement certainly on the republican side in the fiscal cliff debates, republicans say we're okay, on board with getting more tax revenue, not higher tax rates, but more tax revenue, would you say i'm right and there has indeed been a shift? >>
of action on black friday in wall street, we'll see. the great american brand. hostess is no more. the u.s. bankruptcy court will decide today to approve the company's request to liquidate according to the filing. and hostess wants to shut down bakeries and fire over 18,000 employees and pay 1.75 million dollars in incentives and bonuses to 19 managers, the management says the bakers union forced the liquidation while the union workers blamed bad management. joining us now, the author of the state of the unions, and always a defender of the unions on this program. and phil, welcome back, good to see you again. >> good to be with you, stuart. >> are you going to tell me that hostess is done in by bad management and no justice because they got pay increases and bonuses just before the close of business? >> oh, as issue, stuart, i tried to have a balanced and fairview here, look in any one of these cases there are several possibilities and i think all apply here. one is that management is either being overly demanding or trying to compensate for poor management and take it out on workers, the
states. both u.s. of 5 armies. what happens in a fight? does the united states resupplied both of them? stuart: when it come to that? a fight between israeli -- [talking over each other] >> i would give odds at 40%. >> one critical point, the egyptian government is controlled by muslims and the presidency and parliament and all the bureaucracies and they control the military. hamas is the military wing of the muslim brotherhood. stuart: does it give president obama a lot of power if the supplies power in egypt and israel the sort the two sides out? >> put him in a position of having to choose the right hand or the left. >> i think he should set out. >> the problem president obama has, does he support israel and if there is a conflict between the two, a new country, america will outreach to the muslim world, we don't want to take sides. stuart: west one. gerri: isn't the reelection of president obama said this in motion? countries around the region as soon israel could be isolated, obama is always talking about i want space, daylight between us and israel, benjamin netanyahu, no love lo
, and nor'easter. we are covering it. impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowerice. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. stuart: new at 10:00 at america prepares for four years of president obama and northeast braces for another storm, and nor'easter packed with rain, heavy wind and even snow in some places. an area of the country still hurting big time from hurricane center in the. we are talking about that in a couple minutes. the big story for those of you under a rock for the past 12 hours, barack obama reelected president. he has 303 like for college votes, more than enough to win. florida hasn't been called yet. here is what the president said during his victory speech. >> tonight in this election, you, the american peopl
in manchester last night. economic growth 2%, weak economy. can we get the u.s. economy back on track and grow at 4% or 5%? douglas holtz-eakin is the president of american action forum. welcome back to the program. you have got to have four% or 5% growth. that is the answer to a lot of problems. can we do and how? >> if you think about it, 2% productivity growth and 2% in the labour force, to do that you need 220,000 jobs a month. the problem so far has been roughly 2% productivity growth and there is no increase in employment. if you look at the things that going on, that will be useful regardless and a better set of policies which is take off of the table by doing serious entitlement reform, pro-growth tax reform that settles the future of our tax code and compete internationally. there are huge opportunities there in the regulatory burden is quite severe. no single magic bullet out there but if you put together that kind of policy program no reason we can succeed. >> marc sandy king out and said no matter who wins the economy is on track to get better. i am not buying that. are you buying
in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 1 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. ♪ [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer lease a 2013 glk350 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. stuart: we spent three years telling you about the craziness in california. it is hard to surprise even us but they have done in. new proposed law in san diego means jail time for people who get water on the sidewalk while watering their lawns for washing a car and drive way. and for failing to clean up after -- you wicked crimin
days before he was scheduled to testify before congress on the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. now, questions are being raised over national security and whether classified information was released by his mistress, paula broadwell. joining us now is casey mcfarland, fox news strategist and analyst and all things of this nature. this adds a little twist to your typical and literal work -- analytical work, doesn't it? >> who knew; right? actually i did know. charles: it's like this was an open secret. >> i was in afghanistan 18 months ago right before general petraeus was announced for the cia job and right after paula broadwell had left. there were rumors at the time that there was an awfully close friendship between the two of them. so i'm not terribly surprised. what i am surprised at is why now. charles, the way this works is when petraeus would have gone from his army job to the cia job, he would have had a new investigation. he would have been subjected to a polygraph test. the first thing they ask you, is there anything in your background that could be an embarra
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